3 Horizons Business Growth Webinar

This Webinar will allow you to get clear about your business destination which makes growth planning much simpler. However, business is a complicated affair with many moving parts. The webinar is not for beginners, but for seasoned business owners who have already developed a business and have seen significant success in-terms of revenues and profits.

Download your blank template by clicking on the appropriate PDF or PowerPoint icon:

You know the ropes; you know what is involved and you have the discipline to make things work. However, you are caught between your ambitions that are driving you to the next level and the day to day aggravations that are holding you back. This Webinar will allow you to bridge this gap by creating a solid platform for growth.

3-Horizons Template Guide

The framework tool is built heavily on the 3-Horizon model by McKinsey. You don’t ignore Horizons 2 and 3, Instead, you use them to get really clear about your destination in Horizon 3; and then use Horizon 2, to capture your ideas and tactics so that your mind is clear for your primary focus which is Horizon 1 – Your Growth Platform and going safe. 

So, let’s start filling it out and you’ll see how the process magically clears you mind for this Horizon 1 focus.

The Importance of Your Massive Transformative Purpose

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