Raglan Tribe the Business Growth Engineer.

I help business leaders boost Growth and Margins with quick hitting improvements that avoid overwhelm or unnecessary low value tasks.

The very notion of business strength and power is changing. Cornering the market and monopolising resources no longer assures long term success. How would your company fare against a determined agile competitor, anywhere in the world, with a disruptive offer and exponential growth?

The only guarantee for long-term success in this fast changing world is to quickly & repeatedly focus on delivering value to your target market in a way that outpaces everyone else. I would be delighted to join you on your journey to business growth success, guided by my 4 pillars:

4 Pillars for Business Growth Success

  1. Clarity & Focus: Getting crystal clear on your goals and reducing your journey to logical but simple steps
  2. Go Safe: Stabilise your Growth Platform in existing markets and enhance margins for enabling reinvestment
  3. Go Different: Systematic experimentation and discovery of opportunities in new high growth markets
  4. Go Big: Exponential growth enabled by scalable systems, products and exponential technologies

My company Mindsheet, helps arm you and your staff with agile decision tools to empower the creation and execution of growth strategies without the gut wrenching pain, risk and delay of taking on more people.

Selection of Clients

Raglan Tribe

Raglan has extensive board-level experience of delivering large, complex technology projects to Government, Automotive, Financial and Defence Industries. He has a BSc (Hons) in Computer Systems and has authored 28 papers and published 15 patents. He was a pioneer in the field of autonomous vehicles and his Driver Assistance master patent is now the basis of a $78bn market.

Raglan has 17 years of experience in executive management consulting in Frost & Sullivan, aczel&co and Mindsheet, solving strategic problems for blue chip technology companies that include: Toyota, Hyundai, Nissan, Ford, Siemens, Delphi Automotive, BAE Systems, Marshall Aerospace Defence Group, Cobham, Finmeccanica, HM Treasury, National Health Service, Scottish Government, De La Rue, Ministry of Defence, Northrop Grumman, Toshiba, Transport for London and many Private Equity Firms. 

Raglan Tribe with TV presenter Vicki Butler-Henderson at the MOD Grand Challenge where Raglan led a team that developed the Testudo robot.

Previously, Raglan was the Group Research and Development Director of De La Rue plc where he led their product launch programme for the worlds’ largest currency conversion, the Euro. This included the production of Euro Banknotes, new ATMs and cash handling equipment that added £100 million to the company’s top-line. He also managed a digital security group that developed PKI applications for supporting treasury functions in large enterprises such as BP.

Raglan also has 12 years of automotive experience as the Chassis Systems Director of TRW Automotive, the R&D Director for Lucas Varity Automotive and Head of Advanced Product Development for Lucas Industries. In these roles he was responsible for the creation of the Chassis Systems Strategy, Driver Assistance, Adaptive Cruise Control, Electric Power Steering and a £12M pa technology consulting business. At Lucas, Raglan led development teams that created safety critical applications for Aircraft Actuator Control, Full Authority Digital Engine Control and many Chassis applications.

Additionally, Raglan established and supported many technology roadmaps that researched Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Sensor Fusion, Formal Methods, Image and Radar Recognition, Machine Learning, Material Science and different Modelling and Architectural methodologies for embedded systems.

Raglan led the Lucas Prometheus programme that resulted in the development of the world’s first high-speed autonomous car that included Lane Guidance, Adaptive Cruise Control, Collision Avoidance and Lane Departure Warning. In his first role, he gained 5 years Systems Engineering and missile guidance experience at British Aerospace.

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