Terms of Business

  1. The proposal, timescales and costs will remain valid for 3 months from the date of issue.  All charges and timescales outlined in the proposal cannot be interpreted as an offer to perform the assignment within a fixed time or a fixed cost.
  2. Mindsheet Limited will keep confidential, for three years from the date of supply, all information provided by the client, excluding information lawfully received from a third party or already known to Mindsheet Ltd.
  3. The client shall indemnify Mindsheet Limited in respect of all financial liability (including professional costs) arising out of any claim made against Mindsheet Limited alleging misuse of a third party’s confidential information or copyright material, in the event that the information or material concerned was received by Mindsheet Limited from the client.
  4. Any inventions that arise from this programme of work will belong to the client. This excludes background intellectual property already owned by Mindsheet Limited. This background intellectual property includes the Mindsheet consultancy and facilitation processes.
  5. Mindsheet Limited services are performed primarily in the fields of experimentation and development.  As a result, it cannot take on the burden of claims for damage to property or economic or consequential loss.  Accordingly, the client agrees to indemnify and hold Mindsheet Limited harmless from and against all claims and demands resulting from damage or loss occasioned by the use or operation of the products, methods or other results of the assignment and from costs and expenses arising there from, including legal costs.
  6. Mindsheet Limited will not guarantee that its work will be outside the scope of any patent or registered design but in the event of it becoming aware of any potential infringement it will inform the client immediately in writing.  In so far as Mindsheet Limited owns or controls any patent, other intellectual property or know-how necessary for the client to exploit the results of the assignment, Mindsheet Limited will grant the client an irrevocable non-exclusive licence to effect such exploitation on terms to be agreed.
  7. Mindsheet Limited shall not be liable for any losses that are not reasonably foreseeable at the time of signing the proposal or for any other consequential losses borne by the client.
  8. Expenses incurred as a direct result of the assignment (including travel, subsistence, communication, reproduction, materials and equipment); will be charged separately with a 15% handling charge.
  9. The client can choose to discontinue the assignment by giving one month’s notice in writing.  Mindsheet Limited will endeavour to bring the assignment to an orderly close.  All expenses incurred during the notice period will be payable by the client.
  10. Invoices will be issued at the start of the project. We would expect half payment upfront and half upon completion.  Payment will be required within 7 days from the date of invoice.  Interest on late payments will be charged at 1.5% per month.
  11. Any outstanding paperwork title to goods shall not be handed over until all sums due or owing have been paid in full.
  12. Any amendments to the above terms shall be agreed in writing.
  13. Mindsheet Ltd does not allow any offensive or illegal material to be published on its hosted servers.
  14. Mindsheet Ltd will not accept any liability, however incurred, for material on a client’s site, for example that which infringes copyright.
  15. Hosting and Domain fees are payable in advance.
  16. Invoices for the next year’s Hosting and Domain will be issued at the end of each full year. Payment will be required within 30 days from the date of invoice. If purchase funds do not clear within 60 days of the date of invoice, the site will be erased.
  17. In the event of a site server failure, Mindsheet Ltd will not accept any liability for loss of website or backup. However, a monthly back up will be made. A digital copy of the backup can be sent to the client’s last recorded postal address for an additional fee. In any event, our liability to the client will be no more than the annual fee paid to us by the client.
  18. Termination will require one month’s notice in writing by either party, and includes a £60 transfer fee for final and smooth transfer of the domain to another hosting service.
  19. If Mindsheet Ltd decides to terminate the service, the client will be given one month’s written notice of this event, and sent a digital copy of the final backup. Any forward payments made by the client will be refunded.
  20. Mindsheet Ltd will require one month’s notice in writing if the client should decide to cancel this service. There will be no refund of forward payments in this case.
  21. Any references to web traffic statistics for a keyword phrase are based on historical data from the search engines. Future performance of these keyword phrases cannot be assumed from the historical data alone..

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